The Winery

For more than 25 years; Solaria has been a Montalcino winery started up 1989.

The Azienda Agricola Patrizia Cencioni is a family owned and run winery that is located on the southeast slope of the Montalcino hillside. The property is almost 50 HA of which 8ha are vined growing DOCG Brunello, 1.5 Ha growing Doc St. Antimo and 7 Ha of Olive groves. The vines were planted in 1989, the year Solaria was founded; though its origins go back to the family estate created in the 1950's by Grandpa Giuseppe Cencioni, one of the founders of the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino.

With Solaria, the estate has vastly improved thanks to the considerable family experience and the entrepreneurial ability of the owner Patrizia Cencioni who adds a feminine touch!

A meticulous manual selection of the grapes and an aging process done in large wooden casks of 2500 and 4000 in Slavonian Oak and in smaller casks, shown the aspiration of Solaria to pursue quality Montalcino production.


Solaria Cencioni Cellar Brunello di Montalcino

Winery Solaria Patrizia Cencioni

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